The previous owners had a dog grooming shop set up in here, hence the bathtub mounted on the pedestal.  We knew there was an area behind the tub that had been walled off.  So, since we weren’t planning on opening our own dog groomer’s, we decided to tear out the tub and open up the back area.


This is the area opposite the tub area.  We’re thinking it was the original kitchen or pantry part of when this building was used as the summer kitchen.  The previous owners had a big gas heater in here.  We got rid of that.


This is taken from behind the tub area.  There is a small opening that allows access to this space from the old kitchen area.


The tub pedestal removed, along with part of the back wall.


More of the back wall removed.


Entire back wall removed and some plywood put down for temp flooring in the old back room area.


Cleaning up the last bits of filth.  That now gives us a little more storage space for house parts!

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