Pantry – Phase 1 – New Shelving

The single long shelf in the pantry just didn’t allow for very much storage.  In order to take advantage of the full 5 feet of vertical wall space above the washer and dryer, we decided to remove the single shelf and add in multiple shelves.  The photo above shows the old single shelf removed.

We opted for the Rubbermaid mesh style shelving.  It’s fairly inexpensive (when you can get it on sale) and it very easy to install.  Here, the clips that hold the back of the shelves against the wall are being installed along the level lines that were drawn.

The new top shelf, completely installed.

The second new shelf, installed.

Getting the clips ready for the third shelf.

Installing the first diagonal brace on the third shelf.

Third shelf ready for the final diagonal brace.

Installing the last diagonal brace on the third shelf.

Shelf installation complete!  We now have a little more storage room.

The other end of the new shelves.

Looks a lot less like a washroom, and a little more like a pantry now.


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