The Restoration

This picture was taken shortly after we purchased the house, but before we actually moved in.  At this point, the breezeway was still in fairly good condition, although it was beginning to show signs of deterioration.  Note the blue bracket that must have come loose from above the window at some point (the empty spot […]
These photos were taken shortly after we bought the house, but before we actually moved in.  As you can see in this shot, there were a few large trumpet vines trying to take over the side of the house.  There’s not really much of a “courtyard” here, but we have big plans… Shot of entire […]
The back (north) side of the Breezeway when we purchased the house.
When we moved in, this room had carpet on the floor, paneling painted grey on the walls, and a popcorn ceiling.  All of the baseboard woodwork was painted grey, like the walls, while all of the woodwork around the windows was painted white.  This is the view from the hallway. View of the bay windows. […]
Beyond the open door is the pantry.  At this time, it contains the washer, dryer, and one long shelf that runs along the back wall.  It also appears that the original plaster walls have been covered with drywall. There is also some plastic wood trim nailed up around the window and inside door frame.  The […]
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