Our Latest Progress

Below is a "quick access" listing of the latest project(s) we're currently working on.  This area gets updated fairly regularly, so please check back often to see what we've been up to!

After removing all of the damaged wood, it was time to replace it with new wood. […]
The culprit for the west wall/ceiling leak appeared to be a leaking eavestrough on the upper […]
We cleaned out the flower bed in front of the breezeway and put in some fall […]
The first thing to go was the carpet.  Under the carpet we found white brick patterned […]
The south wall and door leading to the foyer, taken shortly after we bought the house. […]
When we moved in, this room had paneling (painted bright blue) on the bottom part of […]
That big pile on the patio?  Yeah, that’s the nasty trumpet vines.  Good riddance!
This picture was taken shortly after we purchased the house, but before we actually moved in.  […]