While digging around in the ground behind the back of the house, we came across a couple of pieces of decorative metalwork.  They included this large piece…

Along with a smaller piece that appeared to have broken off of the larger piece.  We finally figured out that these were most likely pieces of the original roof cresting that used to run along the top of the roof on each side of the chimney, on the top of the tower, and along the tops of each gable.

UPDATE: Our next door neighbor gave us a photograph of our house that was taken between 1911 & 1920.  In this photograph, the cresting (painted white) can be seen along the roof ridges.  To see the photograph, click here.

In order get an idea of what the cresting looked like, I took the photo into Photoshop and worked with it to replace the missing parts, and then link the pieces together to make a continuous run of cresting.

I then took the Photoshop created cresting run and superimposed it on to a couple of real photos of the house.  The photo above shows what it most likely looked like.

This photo is a close up of what it probably looked like on each side of the main chimney.


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