Having never been up on the roof, I felt that it was time to go up there and take a look at things, up close.  Since the pitch of our roof is extremely steep, I had to get a rope around the chimney and use that to maneuver around up there.

View from the bottom of the upper roof, looking up toward the chimney.  The lower chimney (which exhausts the furnace and water heater)  has a lot of roofing tar around the bottom of it.  The upper chimney (which exhausts the fireplace) doesn’t look to be in as bad of condition. The parging is a bit loose in some places, however.

View from the top of the upper roof, looking down toward the lower roof.  The shingles look ok, but I’m just not sure how much longer they will remain leak free.

The main roof where it connects to the backside of the tower.  Looks like a lot of roofing tar there, too…

The back side of the tower roof.

The dormer roof on the west side of the house.

Here’s the view looking down to the courtyard from the top of the roof by the chimney.

View looking east.

View looking south.

View looking southeast.

View down to the street.  Cars look pretty small from up here!



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