Main House Exterior – Back Chimney – Rebuilding Begins

The bricks, starting to go back into place.

The first few courses completed.

To help strengthen the chimney, we will be installing a metal exhaust pipe in the middle.  Hopefully, this will also act as a sort of “liner” to protect the inside of the chimney above the roof line.

The center pipe installed.

New exhaust pipe/liner set into the center of the chimney.

After this dries, it will be time to add the rest of the bricks.

UPDATE: October, 2010 – While this seemed like a good idea at the time, it turned out to be a not-so-good idea in the end.  This chimney is the main exhaust vent for the furnace and the water heater.  By reducing the size of the opening to channel the exhaust through the metal pipe, it caused an area within the upper part of the chimney where condensation accumulated.  This condensation then leeched through the brick walls of the chimney and began causing moisture damage in the plaster walls and ceilings near where the chimney passes through the rooms below.  We have purchased a new flexible liner to line the entire chimney from the basement up to the top of the chimney.  Only problem is, this chimney will need to be knocked back down to the roof line and rebuilt again.

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