Since I had a pretty good section of the peak cleaned of paint, I decided to try out all of the new paint colors to see how they were going to look once they were on the actual house parts.  The first color to go on was the vanilla cream.  This color will be going on all of the trim.

The second color to go on was the dark trim color.  When we chose the 3 new colors, we also chose 2 other colors from each of their color cards to  use as accent colors.  So, the total number of colors is actually 9 (3 main colors with 3 shades of each one).  I know that sounds like a lot of colors but they actually go together quite well.  Anyway, the dark trim color is called woodford and it’s the darkest shade on the main body color (tavistock green) color card.  This color will be going on all of the crown molding at the roof line, the molding that separates the fascia board from the soffit board, the exterior doors, window sashes and storm windows.

The third color to go on was the main body color, tavistock green.  This color will go on all of the lap board siding.

The final 2 colors to go on were the third shade of green (northwest trail) and the darkest purple (eggplant).  The northwest trail is going on all of the exposed rakeboards, the beadboard, and the decorative shingle work on the second story.  The eggplant is going on the bottom part of all of the crown molding, the drip caps, and other accent areas.

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