In order to get ready for the new paint, the old paint needs to be removed.  Up near the top of the peak, there were 2 holes.  I’m guessing that they were where the electrical service entered before the new breaker box was added.

A little bit of Bondo and some sanding and no more holes…

Looks like a lot of cables have been attached here over the years.

The left-hand trim board on the pantry window was in really bad shape, so it will need to be replaced.  This photo shows the board removed and new felt paper added.

Detail of the area of the window sill where the new trim board will go.

New trim board in place.

Northeast corner trim with most of the paint removed and some sanding done on the lap boards.  The old paint is VERY difficult to remove.

Shot of the full back of the house with the northeast corner trim boards painted the new trim color.  Also note that the lower corner repair has the trim color painted as well.

The kitchen window.  That’s also the old coal chute door that leads to the basement.

Pantry window trim almost all painted.

The uppermost peak area with almost all of the paint removed and sanded.

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