This corner appears to have been damaged by the movement of the old cement stoop over the years.

Looks like there were some previous attempts at some quick fixes.

There’s a lot of gap at this corner.  It looks like a lot of moisture has been getting in here so there’s probably a lot more internal damage.

I removed all of the extra “fixes” and then removed all of the parging that wasn’t still solidly stuck to the foundation brickwork.  After removing all of this, I could tell that the mortar was pretty shot as well.  So, I began removing the bricks that had bad mortar joints.  This pretty much consisted of the entire first layer of bricks.  Now that the interior layer of brick was exposed, I could see that it had some mortar issues, as well.

In the end, the entire corner’s worth of bricks had to come out.

The view from the basement.

The rebuilt wall.

The wall re-parged.

For the wooden areas, I had to replace part of the wood because the old wood was just too warped and rotted.  The parts that were missing/broken, I used Bondo to rebuild.

Another view of the Bondo work.

Bondo was also used to tie the new piece of wood to the old wood.  Now it’s all ready for paint.

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