Main House Eavestroughs – Fascia/Soffit Paint Removal, South Side

The paint removal was taking longer than anticipated, so rather than remove the inside corner molding on the south side, I just began removing the old paint right up to it.  With the new eavestroughs on the way, it was more important to get the actual area they would be installed on completed.

In this corner, there was a lot of animal damage.  The squirrels had chewed away a lot of the gable fascia and crown molding trim to gain entry into the attic.

The old paint removed.

The remaining fascia and soffit that needs to have the paint removed.  The fascia at the far end, beyond the front gable, has a lot of rot damage on the upper half.

Detail of the awful condition of the fascia board near where it butts up to the tower.

The worst part of the front fascia with all of the rotted wood scraped out.

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