While the old roof was being removed, the eavestroughs took quite a beating.  In the end, I just told the roofer to knock them down, since they were in the incorrect style for this type of house and they leaked really bad as well.

We wanted to replace the incorrect “k-style” with period appropriate “half-round” eavestroughs.  After an exhaustive search, we finally found a place online (egutter.com) that manufactures the “half-round” style in a wide variety of materials.  Originally, we wanted to do them in copper, but the cost was astronomical.  So, I came up with an alternative.

In the meantime, I had to get the fascia boards and soffit areas prepped and ready for the installation of the new eavestroughs.  The first step was to remove the decorative inside corner molding.  It’s much easier to use a heat gun while on the ground, rather than trying to cling to a ladder.  Also, by removing the inside corner molding it makes the soffit and frieze boards easier to remove the paint from.

The inside corner molding removed from the entire east side.

The molding, after being removed.

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