With all of the brackets installed on the fascia, it’s now time to start installing the eavestroughs.  But first, they had to have the verdigris finish applied so that they would look like aged copper.  These three sections are in various stages of the process.  The one further away is the factory brown color.  The middle one has been painted with the Rustoleum primer.  And the closest one has the final verdigris finish.


The first section of eavestrough being positioned on the southern side of the house.


Detail shot of what the angel bracket looks like with the eavestrough resting in it.


The eavestrough is now attached to the brackets on the southern side of the house.  To attach the eavestrough to each bracket requires drilling a small hole in the eavestrough where it lines up with the small hole in the bracket.  Then, a small bolt and nut are used to connect the two together.  The end caps are added and then acrylic caulk is used to secure them and to provide protection against leaks.


The first section installed on the western side of the house.


Shot of the western and southern ends installed.


Detail of the western side installation.


Different angle of the western side.

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