Eavestrough installation continues around the southeast corner to the east side of the house.  The corners were done using pre-fab 90 degree corner pieces.  These pieces are installed into the main run by overlapping the two sections about 8 inches where they meet.  Acrylic caulk is applied between the two sections where they overlap, and then small screws are used to complete the connection, making sure to set them as high up the sides of the eavestrough as possible.  This prevents any leaking where the screws are.


Shot from the ground of the completed southeast corner.


Shot of the completed northwest corner.


Results of the water test.  Some water was dumped in the furthest end of the west side’s run.  After a couple of minutes, the water made it’s way toward where the downspout will be located.  I guess that means it passed the test.


A shot of the final corner that needs to be completed.


The final corner, completed.


Better shot of the final corner showing the downspout connector installed.  This piece was added after a hole was cut in the corner piece where the downspout was to be located.


Another shot showing the final corner.

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