Main House Eavestroughs – Continued Fascia Repair, South Side


All of the rotted area has been scraped out of the southern fascia and Bondo has been used to fill in the holes/missing wood.  This is a wide shot of the western end.


Rotted areas repaired with Bondo on the eastern end of the southern fascia.


Detail of the western end.  This area seems to have sustained the most water damage.


Detail of eastern end, under the front gable.  Not as much water damage here.


Detail of south eastern corner of fascia.  Squirrels were using this area as an entrance to enter into the attic.  Previous owners had wired up the hole inside the attic, but that left a cavity in the corner where the squirrels continued to build nests.  If you look closely, you can see that they’ve already been trying to chew through the new wood I put up to fill in the big hole they had made.


Detail shot of the under side of the south eastern corner.  There’s quite a bit of water damage here, and the eastern and southern fascia boards are no longer tightly attached.


Detail of the eastern end of the soffit.  This area is directly below where the squirrels were building their nests.  Apparently, they even chewed on the inside of the attic cavity and were working on creating a back door, or something…

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