The brackets attached to the southern fascia.  The first bracket, next to the tower, is one of the angel brackets.  In order to make sure the water flows through the eavestroughs in the proper direction (in our case, from the side of the tower toward the east and then along the east side of the house to the northeast corner), we set the angel bracket where the top of the half-round eavestrough would be at the highest point per the manufacturer’s directions (1 1/4 inches below the drip edge flashing).  Then, we took a measurement from the tower to the southeast corner, and calculated the amount of drop we’d need.  You want roughly 1/2 inch drop, for every 10 feet of run.  A mark was made at the corner and a chalk line was popped from the corner, to the position of the first bracket next to the tower.  The remaining brackets were installed, positioning one at every other rafter along the fascia at the proper chalk line height, with 2 1/2 inch lag bolts.


The eastern fascia, after the chalk line was popped,  ready for the bracket installation.


Installing one of the brackets.


All of the brackets installed along the eastern fascia.


View of all of the brackets on the south and east fascia.

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