Our house was included in a history presentation about the Victorian Homes in our city:

We’ve been super busy, and not really able to update the site as much as we’d like to. At the very least, we have been adding in the new image for the yearly archive each year. I have also gone ahead and revamped the design a bit. We hope you like it!

It’s about 4 years later than I had hoped, but the new site is now LIVE. Better late than never…

Our home has been chosen to be included as a stop on this years’ historic bus tour of the Morningside area of Sioux City.

Received a reply letter from the former ISU student today. He said he really didn’t remember too much, but he confirmed that the report was done in the winter of 50/51 or 51/52 and gave us a little information about why he chose our house to do an architectural study on. We completely understand, since it’s been over 50 years ago that he wrote the paper.

I sent a letter to the former ISU student today. Should be interesting to see if he replies, and if so, what he may remember about our house.

The college informed me that they had contacted the former student that wrote the paper and he told them to give us his contact information so that we could write to him.

I have contacted the Architecture Department at Iowa State University to see if they can help figure out approximately when this paper was written. They are looking into cross referencing the student’s name to their admission records.

UPDATE – The college discovered that the student who wrote the paper graduated in 1952. So, I would guess that it was written around 1950 or so. The college also told us that the student is still living and has offered to try and contact him for us!

Today I contacted the Iowa Historical Preservation Department to find out what we need to do to get our house included on the National Register of Historic Places.

It turns out that the State Historic Preservation Office in Des Moines, Iowa, had an historical architectural survey paper on file that was written by a student at Iowa State University. I had them send me a copy of this paper in pdf format (to view it, click here). It contains some of the oldest photos of our house that we have ever seen! They are not the best quality, but they are extremely interesting.

More info as it comes in!