Foyer – Phase 1.2 – New Doorbell

The new mechanical doorbell arrived, so it’s time to install it.  It will go on the door frame, right near the door knob.

The outside, with the old inoperable electric doorbell button removed.

The shaft that goes from the outside ringer to the inside bell is a bit too short.  So, in order to remedy this, I purchased a drill bit extension bar and cut it down to the correct size needed to make up for the short shaft.  The ringer shaft fits into the end of the extension and the extension’s cylindrical end has been ground down to a square end to fit into the back side of the bell assembly.

After a new hole was drilled all of the way through the framing, the new ringer handle was installed on the outside door frame.

Detail of the new ringer handle.

The extended shaft ready to be attached to the back of the bell assembly.

The new bell assembly installed on the inside door frame.


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