Dining Room – The Ceiling Leak Strikes Back

About a month prior, there was a leak in the ceiling near the corner.  Now, another leak appeared.  This time, it was right below where the sink is in the upstairs bathroom.  We called a plumber for the first leak, and after I saw how simple the job was, and how much he charged, I decided to try and fix the leak myself.

Like the other leak, once I began ripping into the ceiling, the damage to the plaster and lath was quite a bit more than first anticipated. This appears to have been leaking for quite a while, too.

The old lead pipe.  Once I got everything exposed, it was clear as to what was causing the leak.  The previous owners simply shoved the new plastic drain pipe into the old lead pipe, and then smeared a little caulk around it.  Yeah, that’s gonna last a LONG time…

The sink and cabinet moved out of the way to gain access to the pipes.

The view from above.

New rubber pipe connector installed along with a new plastic drain pipe leading up to the sink.

The new plastic drain pipe.

Everything back in place.  We also added a new faucet while we had everything apart.


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