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While at a local antique shop, we ran across this cool looking lightning rod/weather vane assembly.  We believe that the house originally had a lightning rod & weather vane on the top of the tower.  This one should go with the style of the house quite nicely. Detail of the weather vane arrow. Detail of […]
The roofer didn’t have the proper, needed equipment to gain access to the front of the tower roof, so he built this contraption… The roofer, scaling the ladder to the tower roof… The roofer, getting ready to get busy…  I always wondered if at any point he thought to himself, “Is this REALLY a good […]
The center section of the back of the tower with almost all of the asphalt singles removed.  Note the interesting pattern that was created using the different shaped wooden shingles.  We are so grateful that the previous owners just roofed over the old shingles, rather than doing the proper thing and remove everything down to […]
The beginning of the tower roof tear off. Once the roofer got a little further in the tear off, we discovered that the original wood shingles were still intact and that they formed an interesting pattern.  I quickly told him to stop tearing the wood off, and only remove the grey asphalt shingles. A detail […]
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