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We were at a local antique shop this morning, and found this door. We figure it will be perfect for the Servant’s Quarters front door to replace the ugly, metal door it has now. Really nice detail work.
We got tired of looking at the boarded up window, so it’s time to take care of it. Installed a storm window, which should hopefully secure things until we get to the actual window repairs.
Removed all of the decorative shingles and other woodwork from the East peak.  Also began adding new pieces of wood to help ease the re-installation of the crown moulding. The second piece of new crown moulding backing board installed.
In preparation for the new roof, there’s a bit of work that needs to be done on this area, as well. Crown moulding removed from the peak. Some pieces of old wood shingles still hiding up under here. All of the extra debris, siding and trim work now removed. Lots of roofing tar and caulk! […]
The “quick fix” actually ended up lasting less than 2 years… 🙁 With the roof, now leaking again, it was time for a more permanent fix. In preparation for the roof replacement, all of the peak wood work will need to be removed. All of the woodwork that makes up the West peak. The West […]
Repaired woodwork, ready for installation. Repaired woodwork, reinstalled at the top of the frieze panel.
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