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Found this nice Parlour Stove at a local antique shop this morning. While we won’t ever actually be able to use it, it was a really great deal and looks really good in the Parlour.
I just used a black grout and pressed it into the cracks with a stir stick. Finishing up the last bits of grouting. The finished product after the grout was dry and cleaned from the tiles.
To finish off the hearth, we just added some slate looking tiles we purchased at Menard’s.  All that’s left to do is add the grout.
We purchased some oak veneer at Menard’s to use for the edging of the hearth.  The first thing I had to do was to route out the area so that the veneer would sit flush with the oak floor.  I used my dremel tool with a router attachment.  The areas I couldn’t get to with […]
All of the bricks in the old hearth were loose and the mortar was pretty shot.  Since we had the new insert put in, we figured we should do something to make the hearth look a little better.  So, we removed the bricks. Vacuuming out all of the loose debris. Using a jig saw to […]
After opening the fireplace, we contacted a local fireplace company to have them come out and inspect the chimney to see if it would be safe to use again.  They told us that the small firebox size and the age of our house indicated that the fireplace probably was originally designed to burn coal, not […]
A few months prior, we had been digging around in the basement and came upon this heavy cast iron part, but we had no clue as to what it was.  While opening the fireplace, we noticed that there were some unusual hooks on the backside of the outer frame.  They didn’t seem to have anything […]
Melissa always wanted a fireplace, wood burning, preferred.  So, it was eating her alive that the fireplace was bricked closed.  One day, she decided that she was going to open it up to see what condition it was in. After the brick wall was removed, the firebox and flue were filled with several loose bricks […]
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