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December 7, 2019, will be the day that lives in… We’ll just refer to this as “the Christmas Tree incident”… All of the old, broken glass was removed… Boiled linseed oil was applied… After the boiled linseed oil soaked in, a thin layer of glazing putty was applied… Fortunately, I had an old sheet of […]
The wires from the last receptacle have been tacked into place. Then, the last bit of wiring was run… To the main electrical panel. We should now have two new circuits; one 20 amp receptacle in the Bedroom, and receptacles and light in the Parlor.
The loop of wire I had left in the Basement, was cut and fed up into the hole. Getting ready to install the new box… The new box installed, and the wires pulled back through… New receptacle, wired in… Installation, complete. Now, I just need to finish up the wiring in the basement and connect […]
This was originally the only receptacle in this room, and it’s wired together with a receptacle in the Sitting Room (on the other side of this same wall). After being opened, you can see the old metal box… After removing the old metal box…
We installed the new ceiling fan we bought a while back for this room.
An, finally, the edging was painted burgundy, with gold highlighting. The completed paint job. The ceiling repair is now dry enough to mount the medallion… The medallion was glued into place…
The hole in the ceiling has now been patched with quick set drywall mud… It doesn’t need to be perfect, since the new medallion will cover it. I just have to make sure there’s not anything sticking out that will prevent it from sitting flat against the ceiling…
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