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Before installing the last piece of the trim work, I added some caulk and flashing to help divert any moisture that may try to get through. Another piece of flashing to try and help protect the top of the piece of wood that sticks out further than the piece that goes above it. The final […]
The left and right trim pieces for the upper window have been reinstalled. Different view.
Time to take advantage of the warmer weather and get the siding reinstalled on the east side of the upper tower. Since the original siding pieces were in really bad condition, we’re replacing them with new cedar siding. Here are all of the new pieces, cut by using the old pieces as templates. All of […]
Window trim top board painted the new cream color and reinstalled. The four beadboard trim pieces repaired with Bondo and sanded smooth. Detail of the Bondo repair work. More detail. More detail.  Not sure why they pieced the trim, unless they maybe ran out of full lengths and were forced to improvise. The four beadboard […]
The right and bottom framing around the diagonal decorative beadboard area have been painted the main trim cream color and reinstalled. Damaged original diagonal beadboard section. New beadboard cut to replace the original. New beadboard panels painted the dark green color. New beadboard panels installed. Trim work that goes around the beadboard panel area.  These […]
The window sills for the tower windows are in pretty bad shape, showing the effects of many years of neglect and weathering.  Time to try some experimenting to see what sort of process will hold up the best.  The first window will be done using Bondo.  In the photo above, some Bondo has been applied […]
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