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Installed our new mailbox, today. The design goes well with the doorbell twist.
Preparing to begin reinstalling the decorative shingles on this cold day. The next three courses reinstalled, above the first (dark green) course that was reinstalled a few months ago. A few final adjustments on the fourth (dark yellow) course. Fifth (pointed, dark purple) course reinstalled. Final two courses (pointed, medium & light purple) reinstalled. This […]
The section of original decorative shingles from the lower right side. The damaged decorative shingles replaced with new ones. The weather has gotten too cool to paint outside, so the shingles are having to be painted inside. The different purple shingles. The purple and yellow shingles.
With all of the brackets installed on the fascia, it’s now time to start installing the eavestroughs.  But first, they had to have the verdigris finish applied so that they would look like aged copper.  These three sections are in various stages of the process.  The one further away is the factory brown color.  The […]
While working on the southern fascia board, I had gone ahead and removed this window due to some of the glass panes missing, and the squirrel damage.  Note the decoratively etched center pane.  This window is one of the few that still has this piece of glass still intact.  I hope to be able to […]
The brackets attached to the southern fascia.  The first bracket, next to the tower, is one of the angel brackets.  In order to make sure the water flows through the eavestroughs in the proper direction (in our case, from the side of the tower toward the east and then along the east side of the […]
The southern fascia, finished and painted with the light green color.
Final Bondo work on the eastern end of the southern fascia. Detail of all of the rotted southeastern fascia corner area repaired with Bondo. Underside of southeastern soffit corner.  Bondo applied, but not yet sanded smooth. Shot of the southeastern corner from below.
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