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As previously stated, we really wanted to install copper eavestroughs.  But, due to the high cost, it just wasn’t feasible.  So, we came up with an alternate plan.  We would purchase the eavestroughs and hardware in aluminum, and then make them look like they are actually made of copper. Anyone that’s familiar with copper knows […]
The best price we found for the actual “half-round” eavestroughs was at, but they didn’t carry any fascia brackets that looked like they would go with a Victorian House.  So, we bought the brackets from another place (  We just made sure to purchase the proper sized brackets for the proper sized eavestroughs we […]
The weather is now too cool to do any exterior painting, so here’s as far as I was able to get. NOTE: We finally got a new digital camera, so no more grainy photos taken through our camcorder!
The back kitchen window with all the old paint removed and ready for the new paint. This is the aluminum storm window from the kitchen window.  I think that metal storm windows look awful on an old house, but since we don’t have any wooden ones to replace the metal ones, I decided to try […]
The entire upper part of this section is now painted with the new colors.
The eavestroughs on this section of the house were falling off and leaked everywhere causing water damage to some of the lower parts of the wooden areas.  “K-style” eavestroughs just don’t look right on an old house anyway.  So, it’s time for them to go… The eavestroughs gone.  Now, just to find a suitable replacement…
One side of the eave completed with the new paint colors.  Also, some of the upper lap boards painted. Old paint removed from the northeast corner lap boards. Northeast corner lap boards and lower drip cap painted.
Since I had a pretty good section of the peak cleaned of paint, I decided to try out all of the new paint colors to see how they were going to look once they were on the actual house parts.  The first color to go on was the vanilla cream.  This color will be going […]
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