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We recently cut the cable cord, and no longer have the telephone service associated with it. Ugly equipment that’s no longer needed… Equipment, removed… Looks SO much better. Off to the trash…
I was on the roof, working on the access system for the Main House chimney rebuild, and happened to look over the edge and noticed the suspension wire bracket was only being held by one screw! The top two screws, had completely pulled out of the wall. All of the tension was now being held […]
Upper part of the downspout installed and completely painted with the verdigris finish. Different view of the upper downspout. This lower eavestrough is temporarily being set to carry the water from the main roof, over the Breezeway roof, to the back of the house so it will drain down the back alley. Other end of […]
Attached the 2 horseshoe brackets that will hold the downspout on the north side of the house. The upper part of the downspout, assembled and partially painted with the Rustoleum primer. Shot of the existing K-Style eavestrough that runs across the top of the Breezeway roof.  As you can see, it’s in horrible condition. Better […]
Eavestrough installation continues around the southeast corner to the east side of the house.  The corners were done using pre-fab 90 degree corner pieces.  These pieces are installed into the main run by overlapping the two sections about 8 inches where they meet.  Acrylic caulk is applied between the two sections where they overlap, and […]
The new brackets installed on the northern fascia. The brackets installed on the western end of the northern fascia. The new brackets on the northern end of the western fascia.  This is a good shot showing how the brackets are installed on the chalk line to obtain the proper drainage grade. The final bracket.  This […]
The Bondo has been sanded smooth, so it’s now time to apply the new paint. Beginning the paint work. Northern fascia paint work complete.
Center portion of the northern fascia painted. Alternate view of the center part of the northern fascia. Western end of the northern fascia with the new light green paint. The northwest corner need a bit of repair work.
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