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I happened to be walking by the Cellar Door and noticed it looked a little strange… The metal framing on this side looks like it is “twisted”. It looks like the plastic anchor failed, but I’m not really sure why it’s lifted so much. I’m wondering if it’s maybe being caused by the “spring” in […]
new metal frame parts, ready to be installed. I need to drill holes for the screw anchors, and they need to be an exact depth. So, I put painters tape on the drill bit so I know when I’ve drilled deep enough. The plastic anchors are placed into all of the holes… Then, the frame […]
I’ll be using the wood repair putty to fill all of the screw head holes… All of the screw head holes filled… Once the wood repair putty was dry, it was sanded smooth… Then, it all got painted with exterior primer…
I need to get this area completely cleaned up so I can install the new header board… Area has been fully cleaned… To help give the construction adhesive something to grip to, I’ll be roughing up the area with the hand grinder… Finished roughing up… I then pre-drilled all of the screw holes. And, got […]
I picked up a couple of pieces of new lumber that I’ll need… Testing the fit of the new metal frame… The new door system isn’t as tall as my original opening. So, I’ll need to do a bit of re-working of the base frame… Marking out the cuts on new header board. I will […]
The failed doors, will now need to be removed so that I can start getting the base frame ready to install the new metal frame… The old doors have been removed.
The new frame parts are pre-primed, but there were a few spots where the primer was scraped off during shipment. So, to be safe, I sprayed those areas with some additional primer… Once the primer was dry, I gave the frame parts a coat of off white Rustoleum paint. The color is almost an exact […]
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