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Installed our new mailbox, today. The design goes well with the doorbell twist.
The birds are back! They’re now trying to get into the other side of the bay window roof, where the crown moulding is fairly rotted… I went ahead and removed all of the crown moulding… And replaced it with some 1×4. This should deter them, until we get around to restoring this area.
We kept hearing a scratching noise coming from the upper part of the bay window and noticed a bird hanging on the molding. Upon further inspection, it was evident that it was tearing it’s way through the piece of molding that was rotted and spongy. After removing the piece of molding, you could see the […]
Touched up all of the paint, and removed the roof jacks.  Pop the champagne, I’d say this part is DONE!
Added angled blocks to mount the crown molding to.  This makes it much easier than trying to attach the crown molding to the wood work and roof decking. Crown molding reinstalled. Drip edge painted the dark green color to blend in with the crown molding.
Decking all cut down to the correct size, the drip edge reinstalled, and the shingles all put back on the roof.
When it came time to put the crown molding back up on this peak, I noticed that the roof decking had been done so sloppily that it was uneven.  There was more overhang at the top, and less at the bottom.  In order to fix it, I’ll need to tear off the shingles, cut the […]
Stripped off all of the old paint between the window and where the new breezeway wall will be built. The old siding repainted with the new green paint. Fine, detail painting next to the window completed.
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