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Close up of the finished repairs.  This one appears a little dark in the photo, but it looks like a closer match in real life. Same with this one. For some reason, the camera makes the repaired area appear slightly darker than it actually is. This blended quite well.  it’s hard to even tell where […]
Final layering of the paint. I was able to duplicate some of the grain around this area. This one all finished, as well.  Now, we see how well they all match after the clear coat is applied.
Some paint applied to the Bondo to try and blend it in with the rest of the woodwork. Bottom hinge area before the base coat of paint. Door latch area before the base coat of paint. Some extra blending of several more layers of paint.  This is a tricky process to get the color exactly […]
Since we’re working on the door frame between the Dining Room and Kitchen, we much remove the woodwork on the Kitchen side of the door frame in order to able to properly refinish it. Door frame parts all removed. Interesting find, hidden under the woodwork.  Looks like the original builders jotted down a measurement on […]
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