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We bought some cedar planking at Menards. The paint on this inside wall stud matches some of the paint I’ve seen on the outside of the house. I’m guessing it’s probably one of the original paint colors. Time to remove weird brown wallpaper… Finally, enough of the wallpaper removed. Added in the first course of […]
There’s a small closet, under the main staircase. We’ve decided to make it into a cedar closet to store our winter wear. The hardware is missing on the door. Some of the interior walls have a weird brown wallpaper, but the plaster looks good in the places where that wallpaper has fallen off. The floor […]
I found a fancier mechanical doorbell, online. We’ll probably move this old one to the Servant’s Quarters front door. Old doorbell. Old doorbell twist handle. New doorbell. Detail of the new ringer handle.
Just like for the other doorway that leads the Kitchen, we removed the door frame in the Foyer to make the refinishing easier.
The new mechanical doorbell arrived, so it’s time to install it.  It will go on the door frame, right near the door knob. The outside, with the old inoperable electric doorbell button removed. The shaft that goes from the outside ringer to the inside bell is a bit too short.  So, in order to remedy […]
When we bought the new light for the main floor, we bought a matching light for the second floor as well.  The photo above is the old light. A close up of the old light, complete with bug carcases. The old light fixture removed, and the old knob & tube wiring exposed. Enlarging the opening […]
The old foyer light as seen from the dining room. The old light as seen from the stairs. The old light removed. New light installed. New light as seen from the stairs.
We chose a very light, mint green for the walls.  We just wanted to get rid of the white walls, so we’re considering this “phase 1” of the restoration. Painting the “tall” wall. This completes “phase 1” of the restoration for this room.
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