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This isn’t really anything old, we just thought that part of the pattern created where some of the old paint came off with the wallpaper looked sort of like an “evil leprechaun.” Giving the walls a closer look, we discovered that the blue and rust colors were actually covering other stuff below them.  As you […]
Once all of the wallpaper was removed, we found the old walls covered in bizarre colors and patterns.  This is the north wall. The northeast corner. Close up of the pattern close to the ceiling on the east wall. The northern part of the east wall. The southern part of the east wall. The southeast […]
I guess someone was tired of looking at the ugly wallpaper…
About a month prior, there was a leak in the ceiling near the corner.  Now, another leak appeared.  This time, it was right below where the sink is in the upstairs bathroom.  We called a plumber for the first leak, and after I saw how simple the job was, and how much he charged, I […]
Drip, drip, drip… That was the sound we heard, and when we looked up, there was water coming out of the ceiling.  The upstairs bathroom is directly above the dining room and a pipe decided it was time to start leaking. Removing all of the damp plaster. The damage went quite a bit further than […]
The south wall and door leading to the foyer, taken shortly after we bought the house. It amazes me that no one ever got caught up in that wire leading from the thermostat to the furnace in the basement and yanked the whole thing out of the wall. The windows,  taken shortly after we bought […]
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