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The door hinges removed.  It appears that they have some sort of stain on them, covering the original brass finish. The mortise lock, removed and opened for cleaning and oiling.  Surprisingly, all of the springs were intact. Mortise, reassembled and the faceplate cleaned.
We found some sash lift hardware that is almost the same style as the original sash locks.  While the original windows didn’t have any lift hardware, we decided to go ahead and add them.
Restored window, with the new exterior paint color, before the storm window was reinstalled.
Clear coating completed on the second window’s frame.
Shoe molding installed in the southwest corner of the room
The patent date is stamped into the bottom of the window sash lock: PAT. NV. 15 87 (November 15, 1887).
Other window stained. Door hardware cleaned up and reinstalled. Reinstalled the doorknob. Close up of the cleaned up doorknob.
One window completely refinished with the hardware reinstalled. Closeup of the finished window. Other window all stripped and ready for stain.
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