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With our first spring quickly arriving, its’ time to get working in the yard.  The second bed, in front of the servant’s quarters, has been reworked.  Also, we began converting that area next to the house into a flowerbed, as well. The existing beds, reworked. The bed in front of the breezeway. The bed on […]
We cleaned out the flower bed in front of the breezeway and put in some fall plants. View from the other direction.
That big pile on the patio?  Yeah, that’s the nasty trumpet vines.  Good riddance!
These photos were taken shortly after we bought the house, but before we actually moved in.  As you can see in this shot, there were a few large trumpet vines trying to take over the side of the house.  There’s not really much of a “courtyard” here, but we have big plans… Shot of entire […]
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