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Top of the gate posts notched to add the arch piece. Another view of the notches. The fully cured arch with the mating notches cut.  Just need to sand down the glue that was forced out during clamping. Testing the fit. Not too bad! Arch attached and seams filled.  Note that the gate latch has […]
To create the arbor arch, I used 2 treated 4x4x8s and sliced them into 1/8 inch planks (My saw blade removed about 1/8 of an inch between planks, so it took 2 4x4s to make enough planks to make 1 new 4×4). The 1/8 inch planks were flexible enough to then bend around the form […]
Time to start working on the front gate area.  In the other post, where we built the picket fence, I mentioned that I had future plans for the taller posts that were on each side of the gate.  My plan is to add an arbor.  I built a form to begin constructing the arch that […]
We added an extension to the existing flower beds and transplanted some hostas from another area to create the a circular design. The rest of the hosta transplant continues along the backside of the front fence.
You can’t have an old house, and not have a picket fence, right? We wanted to start making the courtyard area more like a courtyard.  So, we went fence shopping.  No place sold fence pickets with interesting tops, so we decided to buy plain pointed pickets and cut our own design into the top of […]
Instead of leaving that area between the patio & driveway as grass, we decided that it might be better to add some more flower beds.
New plants are in and mulch has been added to the beds. Brand new bed next to house. Beds in front of breezeway and left side of servant’s quarters. Bed in front of right side of servant’s quarters.
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