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While shopping for shade loving plants for the new bed in the Backyard, we also picked up a few new plants for the Courtyard. Since there will eventually be a trellis here, we planted a wisteria that is supposedly a cold hardy variety.  I guess we’ll see if it survives through the cold Iowa winter.
Got the finishing pieces added to the right side of the front arbor.  So, we can now consider the front section completed.
Finishing molding, plinth and post top added to left side. Left side complete.
Top piece added. Some of the finishing molding added and nail holes filled. Some of the finishing molding added and nail holes filled.
One of the pieces that goes on the top of each side ready to be installed. Left piece installed.  In order to tie the arbor in with the design of the house, I made the outer edge of these pieces match the profile of the brackets that are used on the walls of the breezeway […]
Right post installed and painted.  Top cross-member added. Cross-member painted and lattice added.
After drying overnight, I took the sander to the filler.  Even though it had a cement like texture, it sanded fairly easily and came out pretty smooth. Front side of sanded arbor arch. Arch, fully painted. Left side of the arbor added, painted, and screw head holes filled. Back side of the arbor.
Because the piece that creates the arch is made up of several thin pieces of wood, there are a lot of places where the glue didn’t quite fill the cracks.  I’m trying out a new wood filler product that I found at our local Menards.  It has a consistency that is like vinyl crossed with […]
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