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Our neighbors hired a tree service… Lots of tree to remove… They were finally able to get the main part lifted enough to get the truck out from under it. Still a lot to remove… The kid’s play house got blown from where it usually sits. We’re lucky it didn’t get completely blown away. Working […]
Once the sun came up, we were able to go outside and get a better look at how much damage the storm caused… Where the half of the tree used to be… Looking down the alley. Quite a bit of tree debris. Another tree, just down the street. Looking toward where the tree fell. More […]
Now that the actual wall has been attached to the roof, it’s now time to cut the roof decking to the correct size. I marked the cut line… I then used my jigsaw to remove the excess roof decking. View from below. Looks good, to me!
With the main sections of the rubber roof adhered to the roof decking, we then got the area where it connected to the Main House prepped so that the siding could be reinstalled. We did the same thing where the roof connected to the Servant’s Quarters. We had to do a little patch job here, […]
The rubber roof installation was tedious and very messy, so we have no photos of the actual process.  In this photo, the main part of the rubber has been glued in place. The new roof, shortly after being glued down.
The new rubber roof has arrived, so it’s time to get the flashing installed.  I used the same aluminum that I used for the new drainage channels. View of the flashing against the Servant’s Quarters wall. Flashing around the wooden trim. Flashing around the other wooden trim. Flashing under the eave. A small piece of […]
The new drainage system installation is now completed on the other side of the roof. The part that runs over the back door.  There’s not a lot of roof deck to work with here. View of both new drainage channels. Another view of both new drainage channels. This is on the underside of the roof, […]
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