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Installed the first corner detail woodwork piece. Set the first stud to begin framing in the doorway.
Added another, small section of bead board.  The first upper window has been set in place, and also the dark yellow color has been painted in the spot that shows through the corner detail woodwork pieces. The first new corner detail piece, all painted and ready to install.  The old pieces were almost completely deteriorated, […]
First piece of bead board painted the light green color and installed next to where the Breezeway meets the Main House. Old window, with the old paint removed.  Ready for the new paint!
Installed the first bracket, along with the dark green piece of woodwork that fits in between the soffit and fascia. With the window openings coming along, nicely, it’s time to start getting the actual windows ready to go back in.  This is one up the upper windows, as would be seen from the inside of […]
Final piece of the dark purple trim added. First piece of the cream colored main window trim added.
Added some more of the window trim woodwork. More window trim added, and painted the dark purple color.
With the basic part of the wall complete, it’s time to start reinstalling the detail wood work.  First, the trim part that goes above the windows.  We also took this opportunity to paint the dark purple trim that will show around the windows. Installed the new window sill. A few of the old wooden pieces […]
Added more of the outside siding decking below and down the other side of the window openings. Began installing the felt paper over the siding decking. More felt paper added.  It’s beginning to look like a wall!
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