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I know a local guy that does a lot of renovations of older homes. He had a lot of old window sash lifts he wanted to unload… It was a deal I couldn’t pass up… They’re not the exact pattern of the upstairs hardware, but they’re really close. I think they’ll blend in nicely, if […]
The wires from the last receptacle have been tacked into place. Then, the last bit of wiring was run… To the main electrical panel. We should now have two new circuits; one 20 amp receptacle in the Bedroom, and receptacles and light in the Parlor.
The floor, good as new. Well, minus the ugly tile…
The fish tape was pushed through the ceiling cavity, until it came out of the hole in the floor… The new wire was taped to it, and pulled back through… The new wire was run through the old knob & tube holes… Here’s the new wire going out of the hole in the ceiling, below.
To rewire the ceiling fan, in the Parlor right below, we needed to remove a bit of flooring up in the Bedroom. The rafters, in between the ceiling & floor, run east-west, and we need to run wiring north-south. Rather than make the hole in the Parlor ceiling bigger, we figured it would be much […]
The wire then begins its long journey to the electrical panel… The 20 amp wire, has now reached its destination and will get connected when the wire from the Parlor has been run…
The wire was pulled up, and out of the hole… The wire, ready for the box… The receptacle box was installed. Then, the 20 amp receptacle was connected. All connected and ready to be mounted in the box. The receptacle, mounted… The weather guard added… And, the temp cover plate. Now, this just needs to […]
The 20 amp wire, ready to push up through the hole and up into the wall…
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