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After having the fireplace insert installed, we began noticing that the wall in the bedroom (next to where the chimney stack goes up through the center of the house) started showing some cracking.  We’re guessing that it’s being caused by the expansion/contraction of the flue now that it’s being used again. The cracks go pretty […]
The first window sash with all of the old paint removed. Exterior side gets some primer. Interior side gets some stain.
All of the hardware was painted over with several coats of paint.  This is a good example of what the sash locks looked like. The very same sash lock after all of the paint was removed.  Why anyone would paint over beautiful hardware like this beyond me…
Walls painted a light purple color. Close-up of new paint color.
After the final sanding, it was time to prime the ceiling. Ceiling completely primed. We just used an interior water-based latex primer. Walls being primed with same primer. First coat of primer applied. First coat of primer on tower walls. First coat pf primer on tower/west wall. Walls completely primed.
After the ceiling was completely patched with drywall compound, it was now time to sand it all smooth.  This was not a fun job! Note to self (and anyone else who wants to save themselves a LOT of time), LESS is MORE when it comes to drywall compound… Major sanding complete. Major sanding complete. Major […]
Since the heat gun just wasn’t taking off the paint, we decided to just remove the woodwork so that we could use a chemical stripper.  Removing the woodwork allows you to get all of the paint off, even the paint that in all of the cracks and crevices. Woodwork removed around the first window. Woodwork […]
We used a heat gun and a scraper tool to begin removing the paint from the woodwork. One pane done… Some trial and error testing on the more difficult areas of the woodwork.  Chemical stripper just isn’t cutting through the layers of the old paint.
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