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Found this old clawfoot tub for sale, locally. We’re not really ready to install it, but we’ve always wanted one, and this deal was just too good to pass up.
The pipes used to supply the shower were a mix of galvanized and cheap plastic. Rather than wait for the plastic pipes to fail, I decided to replace them… I rebuilt the entire area using copper pipe.
With the new vent pipes in place, new lath was installed on the ceiling. Since this wall of the bathroom has its wall studs set sideways, it doesn’t have the same 4 inch cavity as normal walls do.  So, the vent pipe doesn’t quite fit inside the wall.  To remedy this, we had to increase […]
New drain pipe coming from sink. The sink drain pipe leading to the main drain stack. The new main junction of all of the new drain pipes. New drain pipe from the toilet. The new drain pipe from the bathtub/shower. The new vent pipe running inside the wall cavity. The route of the new vent […]
The vent pipe, before being cut off. Top part of pipe removed. About half of the pipe cut off. Pipe cut down to the floor There’s no turning back now…
Just like in the Dining Room, below, we’re having to remove part of the wall to conceal the new pipes.  Here, most of the plaster has been removed. Here, most of the lath has been removed. The more difficult portion of the lath removed. The upper area, with the framing notched to accommodate the new […]
To begin installing the new supply lines, the toilet had to be removed to make room to work in the confined area of the ceiling cavity. The new supply line taps for the bathtub/shower. The creature that lives in the drain pipe was trying to escape! Sweating some pipe near the main drain stack. The […]
The sink cabinet was disconnected from the supply lines and drain and moved out of the way.  I love how the previous owners basically just painted around the sink cabinet.  There’s a rag stuffed in the drain pipe to keep the sewer gasses from being released in the house. The set up of the supply […]
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