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This old electrical wire needs to be removed, and then re-run inside the wall… Finding the correct wires to remove from the circuit… The vent shaft terminates at this register. So, i’ll be using the upper part of the same wall cavity to run the wire. The register cover was removed to make it easier […]
I know a local guy that does a lot of renovations of older homes. He had a lot of old window sash lifts he wanted to unload… It was a deal I couldn’t pass up… They’re not the exact pattern of the upstairs hardware, but they’re really close. I think they’ll blend in nicely, if […]
Found these on clearance at Walmart, today. Not sure when they’ll get installed, but at least we now have them…
This last bit of old tile board never got removed when we redid the bathtub… May as well do it now… I just used a hammer and the 5-in1 tool… The back of the 5-in-1 tool just broke! Amazingly, the 5-in-1 tool still worked, and I was able to get the old tile board removed…
The adhesive is dry, so the wood braces were removed. Looks much better than it did. Here’s hoping it will last until we get the rest of the new tile board installed… The piece of old tile board has a few small nicks here and there. To help keep moisture from getting into the inner […]
This was a piece of the old tile board that we removed, and saved. It should work great as a new shower ceiling. I guess it pays to be a pack rat sometimes… The piece of old tile board, cut to the correct size. Construction adhesive was applied… Then, I used some thin wood strips […]
I’ll be installing this piece of cement board to replace the old plaster. The piece of cement board, cut to the correct size. The piece of cement board, being attached to the ceiling rafters with deck screws. The piece of cement board, installed.
The first thing that needs to go is this piece of 1×6 that is covering the seam of where the original wall used to run… Towels & drop cloth placed down, to try and prevent any damage if some of the plaster ceiling falls… I can’t remove the entire piece of wood, at this point, […]
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