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Part of the dirt wall collapsed due to excessive rain. Luckily, the old water pipe that leads to the Servant’s Quarters kept the giant slab of dirt from falling and hitting our furnace. I was able to break the slab into manageable pieces and get it out of the way. I then cut the old […]
The new copper pipes that now run to the washer, complete with hot & cold shut off valves. New supply pipes, and the drain pipe going up to the washer.
In preparation for the new Kitchen pipes, I need to get things better organized down in the basement. The old galvanized and a super long flexible copper pipe are the current hot & cold water supplies for the kitchen sink and washer. The upper copper pipe is one of the new pipes I’m building out. […]
To finish the floor above, in the Dining Room where the old pipes used to come down to the Basement, we need to create a firm foundation. To achieve this, we just attached a piece of wood that completely covered the hole.  This should be enough to build up the floor above.
After doing a little weeding out of the junk left behind by the previous owners, we decided to take some new pictures of the basement.  The above is the southeast corner. Looking toward the northeast corner, from the southeast corner. Close up of the northeast corner. Looking toward the northwest corner. Looking toward the west […]
The new drain pipe coming through the ceiling. The new drain pipe with the clean out end. The new drain pipe connected to the old drain pipe. View from the other direction.  You can better see how the new drain pipe has been installed further away from the old cellar door.  This will now allow […]
The first cut of the old drain pipe.  We left just enough old pipe before the joint to be able to tie the new drain pipe into it. The first section of pipe removed. The spot where the old drain pipe used to come through the floor. The rest of the pipe was cut into […]
In preparation for the new drain pipe, the heat duct that supplies the upstairs Bathroom had to be rerouted a bit.  The old cast iron drain pipe is at the far left.  The new PVC drain pipe is set in place (between the black cast iron pipe and the heat duct). While I was down […]
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