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Just after midnight, a really strong storm front tore through our area. When it got here, it was packing 100mph straight line winds. We were under severe weather advisories, so I was still awake at the moment it arrived. When the front hit, it sounded like a ton of bricks hit the western side of […]
We found this cool tobacco tin up in the ceiling cavity while getting it prepared for rewiring.  The tax stamp is dated 1910. The back of the tobacco tin.
Bird’s eye view of the hardwood floor nail removal process. Looks like she’s about halfway finished…
After a few days of removal work, and several trips hauling the flooring home on the top of our Explorer, we have finally completed salvaging it.  Now, it just needs to have all of the old nails removed and we need to find a place to store it until it’s needed.  We figured a good […]
The door to the art room. Making some headway in the floor removal… What still needs to be removed…
We found out that the old East High school was going to be demolished, so we went to the auction to see what sort of things would be sold.  We ended up buying the hardwood floor in the old art room for $5.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me!  Now, we just have to […]
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