Our Latest Progress

Below is a "quick access" listing of the latest project(s) we're currently working on.  This area gets updated fairly regularly, so please check back often to see what we've been up to!

I have an idea for a new project this winter, so I went to Hobby Lobby […]
During some of my online research to try and find information out about the Schwartz family, […]
Yesterday, we took a trip to Paullina, Iowa, to visit ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales… I […]
Just ahead of a strong front, the sky looked insane this morning… Such a creepy color. […]
It’s extremely cold today, and there’s a lot of ice crystals in the atmosphere. Because of […]
Add these to the crazy looking cloud section…
Because we live fairly close to the path of the band of totality, we traveled to […]