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Just a current shot of the new roofing felt that was added on the left side of the front. And, a current shot of the new roofing felt that was added on the righft side of the front.
Another day, more roof work… Finished area from the previous days’ work. This side of the roof is even worst than the other side. Lots of decking completely missing, plus a really bad attempt at a repair of the rotted out rafters. I got rid of all of the previous repair work. I used some […]
After beginning removal of the asphalt roll roofing, the condition of the actual wood roof decking can be assessed. Lots of really damaged areas.  This will all need to be replaced. Giant hole! Big part of the old roofing removed, exposing even more rotted out decking. I used a circular saw and cut out all […]
Spent the day finishing up applying the roofing felt to the rest of the Servant’s Quarters roof.  Here’s the front. The front, from the other side. The back. The back, from the other side. The “quick-fix” from the street.  It looks a lot better.  Just not sure how long it will hold up…
Growing tired of the leaking roof on the Servant’s Quarters, we decided to take a little time to apply a “quick-fix.”  We just bought a roll of roofing felt and put it over the existing asphalt roll roof.  Here’s the western side all felted. The eastern side, almost completed.  Since we’re no longer going to […]
When we bought the house, the servant’s quarters/summer kitchen roof was covered in the same light grey/white asphalt roll roofing material as the breezeway roof. It also was full of cracks and holes, but didn’t leak as bad as the breezeway, because of the steep pitch of the roof.
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