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North side of the roof now completed.  Also, ridge cap added between East and North, North and West, and along the main peak of the roof. Another view of the completed North side. View of the South side with the main peak ridge cap complete. Another view of the South side with the main peak […]
Beginning to add the shingles to the top of the South side of the roof. Shingles cut for the valley. Southeast lower part of the roof completed.  Ridge cap added between South and East sides. East side completed. Top portion of the South side now complete. View of the completed top portion from the other […]
West side of the roof now completely shingled. Ridge cap added between the West and South sides of the roof.
With all of the new roofing felt in place, it’s time to get ready for shingles.  First, time to add the drip edge to the peaks and the metal in the valleys. Metal added to the valley on the other side of the peak. Began laying the new shingles.
New drip edge added to the front peak. New drip edge added to the front peak. Finished up replacing the rotted decking and got the new roofing felt installed.
With all of the old roofing material removed, of course, we found quite a bit of rotted decking. Working my way up, removing all of the rotted decking. At least it provides a safe place to stand on… Probably should have just pulled it all off and replaced the entire thing, but, oh well… Another […]
All of the old roofing removed from the West side of the roof.  This side was pretty much rot free, much like the East side. Rotted out decking replaced and new roofing felt added. Front and East side with new roofing felt added. Now, just the North side remains to be done.  Can’t wait to […]
Old roofing material all removed from the East side of the roof.  Some of the decking has some rot, but nothing like the front side around the peak.
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