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After three weeks of rainy weather, the roofer was finally able to begin the removal of the old, leaky roof. The northeast corner was the first part to be removed. There seems to be a dark green roof under the grey roof. And, under the dark green roof is a yellow/tan roof.  And below that, […]
April showers bring May flowers, and also leaks in the roof… It was time to look into getting a new roof.  We ended up hiring a local independent guy to do the job.  And, so began the long, arduous process of putting on a roof.  They say hindsight is 20/20.  But, we probably should have […]
Having never been up on the roof, I felt that it was time to go up there and take a look at things, up close.  Since the pitch of our roof is extremely steep, I had to get a rope around the chimney and use that to maneuver around up there. View from the bottom […]
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