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The roofer, installing the osb on top of the original decking, against my better judgement. The roofer, proud of his installation job.  Me, shaking my head…
Today, the roofer went back to the east side of the roof to try and finish installing the new shingles. In this shot, you can see the south side of the roof all tarped in case of rain.
With the large hole temporarily patched, the roofer began hauling 4 x 8 sheets of osb up to the top of the roof.  His plan was to put a new layer of osb over the entire south side of the roof.  I would have much preferred to just cut out the damaged decking and replace […]
Once all of the old roofing was removed from the south side of the roof, a lot of water damage to the decking was discovered.  It seems that over the years, water had been entering under the shingles around the base of the main chimney and then running down the middle of the roof.  While […]
It was now time to begin the removal of the old roof on the south side of the house.  The roofer came up with this ingenious idea to get the debris from the roof into the back of his truck… The roofing debris being directed toward “the chute.” One of the roofer’s helpers, looking as […]
The roofing felt actually got completed the previous afternoon, just in time before it started raining.  But, it wasn’t until this morning that I was able to take a picture of it. The new roofing felt going up into the east peak behind where the decorative woodwork will be reinstalled. Installing the first course, which […]
Because it had been so rainy recently, each evening any unfinished areas of the roof had to be tarped.  Here, the roofer is removing the tarps, getting ready to begin installing the roofing felt. Getting the roofing jacks set up. All three sets of roofing jacks in place. The roof deck then needed to have […]
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