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  Photo of the front of the house, with the new roof complete.  We can now move this into the “completed projects” category. In the end, we removed just over 8 tons of old shingles from the roof.  The main roof had 4 layers, and in some of the valleys, there were up to 13 […]
The new shingles installed on the north side of the roof. North side completed.  Also, all of the ridge cap has now been installed.  
The roofing project began on April 24th, 2003.  At the time, the roofer estimated it would take two weeks, at the most.  Well, after nearly two months of broken promises, excuses, no shows because he was in jail, and water leaking into the attic every time it rained, we ended up firing him and hiring […]
The last of the new shingles being installed on the west side of the roof.
The roofer, finishing up adding the last bit of new felt, just before the rain starts.
New shingles installed on the south side of the roof. New shingles on upper gable.
The roofer removing the parging from the base of the main chimney. The base of the chimney with the loose bricks and parging removed. The new flashing* built around the main chimney base. *Since I really didn’t know much about roofing at this time, I didn’t realize that this is done incorrectly.  I figured the […]
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