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The new parging is complete on this side of the back chimney. These two sides, and the top, still need to be reparged.
Brickwork complete and a chimney cap installed to keep the critters out.  Next step will be to add the new parging.
The bricks, starting to go back into place. The first few courses completed. To help strengthen the chimney, we will be installing a metal exhaust pipe in the middle.  Hopefully, this will also act as a sort of “liner” to protect the inside of the chimney above the roof line. The center pipe installed. New […]
We didn’t get any photos during the actual removal, but this photo shows the back chimney completely removed. The old bricks all removed, down to the solid bricks at the roof line. All of the old bricks that were salvaged.  Luckily, most of the old bricks were in decent shape, it was the mortar that […]
While preparing to repair the parging on the back chimney, we had to remove a lot of the existing parging.  Doing this exposed some issues that we felt needed to be addressed before any new parging was added. The first issue was that it appeared that there had been several coats of parging added over […]
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