Not really sure how original this cement work is, but it’s not in very good condition.

Lots of rotted out wood at the bottom of the main part of the wall.

The bricks look like they may have been part of the original foundation for the wall.

Began demolition by removing the woodwork.

All of the horizontal siding removed, exposing the original wall sheathing.  Luckily, the sheathing in still in good condition, so it can be re-used.  The cement, from the floor on the inside looks like it was just allowed to flow under the wall.  It may have provided a decent foundation for a while, but at this point its not very stable.  A lot of it is cracked and loose.

All of the surface cement work removed reveals a small wall of bricks making up the foundation for this part of the wall.

The small brick wall, removed.

Removed enough of the old cement to be able to pour new footings for the South wall.

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