With the insulation installed, it was now time to plug all of the holes.  We just used the 5 minute drywall compound, adding a little more than needed, and then scraping off the excess before it was completely dry.

Mixing more of the 5 minute drywall compound.

Once the first batch of 5 minute drywall compound was dry, a second thin coat was spread over each hole.  Once that was dry, we used a drywall sander to smooth it all out.

Insulation holes on the north wall completely patched.

With all of the insulation holes patched, we turned our attention to the remaining wall damage.  In this photo, the moderate cracking above the door is visible.

The plaster above the heat register was in pretty bad shape.  Most likely due to the heat coming from the vent over the years.

Rough patching complete for this area.  Ready for final patching!

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