This room has one receptacle (embedded in the baseboard near the northeast corner), and one light switch.  In order to figure out the best route to run the wiring for the re-wire, I did a little recon in the back attic.  It’s been a while since anyone has been up here and it’s full of dust and spider webs.

This is the backside of the north wall of the bedroom. The old wiring is the knob & tube type. This ran from the basement up into this back attic, through one wall to the switch then up through the ceiling to the light fixture. The single receptacle was spliced in from the wiring in the wall; not good.  You may also notice some of the old gas piping.

Another shot in the back attic.

The north wall of the back attic.  You can see the old knob & tube wiring that used to connect to the wires coming from the main electric pole outside.  These wires would have gone through the holes that I patched last summer.

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